What the heck is a Koz?

Koz's Pizza Alley is a shortened version of the owner's name. Somehow the name, Kozminski Pizza Alley just didn't work. Koz has been in the food service business since a small child, catering with his dad every weekend. He held a management position in a Depew restaurant for years until he started a concession business in 1995. Michael had two food concessions, a taco trailer and a pizza trailer. He and his wife traveled the East coast as far south as Key West, working festivals and fairs along the way. The birth of his son Cory along with missing family and friends in Western New York, led Koz to sell the concessions and open a pizzeria in Hamburg. The Hamburg community welcomed the pizzeria. Koz's grew over the years and was able to expand the kitchen, add a dining room and a new daughter Shaye to the mix.

We sincerely thank the Hamburg Community, all of our family, friends and our loyal staff for making Koz's Pizza Alley a success.